You are reading the documentation for the in-development version of Streamlink.

Common issues#

Streams are buffering/lagging#

Enable caching in your player#

By default most players do not cache the data they receive from Streamlink. Caching can reduce the amount of buffering you run into because the player will have some breathing room between receiving the data and playing it.






Currently no way of configuring the cache


-cache <kbytes>

Between 1024 and 8192 is recommended


--cache=yes --demuxer-max-bytes=<kbytes>

Between 1024 and 8192 is recommended


--file-caching <ms> --network-caching <ms>

Between 1000 and 10000 is recommended

Use the --player-args or --player option to pass these options to your player.

Multi-threaded streaming#

On segmented streaming protocols (such as HLS and DASH) it's possible to use multiple threads for downloading multiple segments at the same time to potentially increase the throughput. This can be done via Streamlink's --stream-segment-threads argument.


Using 2 or 3 threads should be enough to see an impact on live streams, any more will likely not show much effect.