Streamlink Twitch GUI

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A multi platform browser for Streamlink

Browse and watch streams in your video player of choice

A graphical user interface on top of the Streamlink command line interface.
Built with NW.js, a web application platform powered by Chromium and Node.js.

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One of the reasons for having bad viewing experiences on is the implementation of their resource-heavy website and HTML5 video player. Especially on mobile desktop devices, high CPU and memory usage and lack of GPU acceleration of the web browser can cause major issues like buffering, stuttering or low video playback frame rates, all while draining the device’s battery and spinning up its fans. Even on desktop computers, watching streams on while multi-tasking can be an issue.

With Streamlink Twitch GUI, you’re not dependent on your web browser and streams can be watched in the video player of your choice, enabling a smooth video playback. Depending on your choice of player, additional features become available, like for example timeshift support or resolution/framerate upscaling. In addition to that, Streamlink’s variable stream buffers will help you countering bad network conditions or reducing the stream’s latency even further.

Please bear in mind that you’re bypassing any ads run by Twitch by using this software. If you want to support Twitch or a single broadcaster, please consider buying Twitch Prime or subscribing to the broadcaster’s channel. Thank you!





Setup & Config

All detailed setup and configuration instructions can be found in the project’s wiki.

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