Proxy SupportΒΆ

You can use the --http-proxy option to change the proxy server that Streamlink will use for HTTP and HTTPS requests. --http-proxy sets the proxy for all HTTP and HTTPS requests, including WebSocket connections.

If separate proxies for each protocol are required, they can be set using environment variables - see the Requests Proxies Documentation.

Both HTTP and SOCKS proxies are supported, as well as authentication in each of them.


When using a SOCKS proxy, the socks4 and socks5 schemes mean that DNS lookups are done locally, rather than on the proxy server. To have the proxy server perform the DNS lookups, the socks4a and socks5h schemes should be used instead.

$ streamlink --http-proxy "http://address:port"
$ streamlink --http-proxy "https://address:port"
$ streamlink --http-proxy "socks4a://address:port"
$ streamlink --http-proxy "socks5h://address:port"