Crunchyroll requires authenticating with a premium account to access some of their content. To do so, the plugin provides a couple of options to input your information, --crunchyroll-username and --crunchyroll-password.

You can login like this:

$ streamlink --crunchyroll-username=xxxx --crunchyroll-password=xxx


If you omit the password, streamlink will ask for it.

Once logged in, the plugin makes sure to save the session credentials to avoid asking your username and password again.

Nevertheless, these credentials are valid for a limited amount of time, so it might be a good idea to save your username and password in your configuration file anyway.


The API this plugin uses isn't supposed to be available on desktop computers. The plugin tries to blend in as a valid device using custom headers and following the API's usual flow (e.g. reusing credentials), but this does not assure that your account will be safe from being spotted for unusual behavior.

HTTP proxy

To be able to stream region locked content, you can use Streamlink's proxy options, which are described in the Proxy Support section.

When doing this, it's possible that access to the stream will still be denied; this can happen because the session and credentials used by the plugin were obtained while being logged from your own region, and the server still assumes you're in that region.

For cases like this, the plugin provides the --crunchyroll-purge-credentials option, which removes your saved session and credentials and tries to log in again using your username and password.