You are reading the documentation for the in-development version of Streamlink.


exception streamlink.exceptions.StreamlinkError#

Bases: Exception

Any error caused by Streamlink will be caught with this exception.

exception streamlink.exceptions.PluginError#

Bases: StreamlinkError

Plugin related error.

exception streamlink.exceptions.FatalPluginError#

Bases: PluginError

Plugin related error that cannot be recovered from.

Plugins should use this Exception when errors that can never be recovered from are encountered. For example, when a user's input is required and none can be given.

exception streamlink.exceptions.NoPluginError#

Bases: StreamlinkError

Error raised by Streamlink.resolve_url() and Streamlink.resolve_url_no_redirect() when no plugin could be found for the given input URL.

exception streamlink.exceptions.NoStreamsError#

Bases: StreamlinkError

Plugins should use this Exception in Plugin._get_streams() when returning None or an empty dict is not possible, e.g. in nested function calls.

exception streamlink.exceptions.StreamError#

Bases: StreamlinkError

Stream related error.

exception streamlink.webbrowser.exceptions.WebbrowserError#

Bases: StreamlinkError

exception streamlink.webbrowser.cdp.exceptions.CDPError#

Bases: WebbrowserError